The Studio

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The Studio space is shared in an informal way according to the individuals needs. No matter how large or small your needs we will try to accommodate you if we can.

The cost to use the space is £140 per month (we are currently thinking of increasing this to £160 to improve the heating). This is for unlimited access but typically artists are choosing to work one or two days per week. There is an informal commitment to give three months notice so that we can advertise for replacements should we need to.

For occasional use there is a day rate of £20 per day. Anyone wishing to block book some days should discuss their needs as we may be able to give a better price.

Materials are all purchased individually and firing costs are charged at the cost of the electricity.

It’s early days so we are still making it up as we go along but everyone who has used the space so far seems very happy with the way it is all working.

The Equipment

The Studio has the following equipment and facilities:

Slip Casting, including blungers and mould making facilities
Slab roller and pug mills for clay preparation and tile making etc.
Glaze mixers and spray booth with a compressed air system
3D scanning and mould cutting
2 Shimpo wheels and drying racks
A range of small tools and a screen-printing bed
3 electric kilns and
1 gas kiln
Digital decal printing will be available as a service on-site along with sign making equipment and wi-fi.

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