Iris Eisenhart

Iris grew up in a jeweller’s family and her first craft was drawing pendants and then working with brass and silver in her father’s workshop where design and drawings created an early artistic environment. The studied literature and worked as a teacher. When moving to Berkeley, California, she was fortunate enough to become the student of the pottery artist Gayle Roberts who promoted her interest in the aesthetics of functional household ceramics and supported her attempts in clay works.

Japanese Art, the metaphoric expression of centering and the beauty of nature mainly influence her creative process that would reflect in for example tea cups adorned with raindrops, potted shells or the impressions of real leaves on plates and bowls. Her aim is to create useful pieces that represent aesthetics, harmony and beauty in simplicity.

Recently Iris has ventured into new clay types, adding glass to the glazes and experimenting with slip decoration. The variety of materials and colours and the inspiration of her potter friends is substantial and lets her creative flow challenge the limits of the physical world of clay and elements.

GayleAndIrisIMG_2802 IMG_2789  IMG_2768IMG_6285IMG_6300LeafBowl1Bowls

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