Warwickshire Open Studios 2017

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In 2017 Studio 16 opened its doors to the most diverse, interesting and participative crowd ever, we welcomed many spectacular visitors ready with curiosity, insights or alternative visions. This year we presented original works by our three in-residence makers and … Continue reading

prototype to production but still hand made….

While working at the studio I developed one range of table lights that I was originally going to make myself for Chad. It turned out that the design could be reproduced by slip casting rather than throwing. The design is now as one of Chads range and I think they have done well with the colours. As most of you saw the light in progress. I thought you might like to see the finished versions. There should be a larger version at some point too.

Kaminos-1-slot-natural Kaminos-3-slots-graphite-gunmetal-shade Kaminos-8-holes-sand Kaminos-detail-3-slots-graphite

Hidcote House

Another Eden 2 Another Eden Another reflection 2 Another reflection

I delivered two pieces to Hidcote Manor Sculpture Exhibition. An exhibition of sculpture in a Cotswold National Trust Garden. 

Hidcote is an Arts and Crafts garden in the north Cotswolds, a stone’s throw from Stratford-upon-Avon. Created by the talented American horticulturist, Major Lawrence Johnston its colourful and intricately designed outdoor ‘rooms’ are always full of surprises. It’s a must-see if you’re on holiday in the Cotswolds.

Explore the maze of narrow paved pathways and discover secret gardens, magnificent vistas and plants that burst with colour. Many of the plants found growing in the garden were collected from Johnston’s many plant hunting trips to far away places. It’s the perfect place if you’re in need of gardening inspiration.

Find a quiet spot and sit on one of the ornate benches and watch green woodpeckers search for their lunch or listen to the calls from the buzzards circling overhead. Time it right and you might catch a glimpse of the elusive hummingbird moth.

Meander through the intricate gardens and into the Wilderness. This secluded stretch of tall trees is just right for a picnic. Take a glimpse beyond the boundary and see the garden blend effortlessly into the countryside beyond.

The Monarch’s Way path runs close-by. Follow it for a brief time from the car park and into the chocolate-box Cotswold hamlet of Hidcote Bartrim. You’ll be treated to traditionally thatched stone cottages that were once home to Johnston’s gardeners. They’re now owned by the Trust and rented out.

Doddington Hall

I delivered two pieces to the sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall on Monday. I forgot to take a decent camera but the phone pictures I took give an idea of the space.

IMG_0598 IMG_0601


Sculpture at Doddington Hall and Gardens returns again this year after a very successful inaugural exhibition in 2012. Bigger and better, this year’s event will include both indoor and outdoor sculptures, including some unique installations by Kathy Dalwood in the Great Hall and an intricate paper diorama that  comes to life with projected animation, music and sound effects by Davy & Kristin McGuire.

The sculpture extravaganza will run for five weeks from August 2nd to September 7th and will include over 300 pieces from 70 respected national and international sculptors.

David Waghorne of Sculpture Events has curated the exhibition which  includes a wide range of work and styles, classic and modern, with pieces in wood, marble, stone, water, bronze, ceramic and glass and even rubber. New this year will be ‘hortisculpture’, Grecian warriors, water pieces and inflatable work using rubber. An installation creating an outdoor ‘bedroom’ is also planned in the Wild Garden.

The pieces have  been carefully sited to complement the Elizabethan Gardens and there will be two inspirational themed trails to follow.

‘One’ at Slad Valley House

Another two pieces successfully placed!

This time for a short exhibition at Slad Valley House called ‘One’

Paul Hervey Brookes who has just returned from winning yet another medal at Chelsea asked if I would like to exhibit at this small sculpture show in a private garden. I delivered and installed the two pieces today and thought you might like to see the photos. It was particularly nice to meet the owners.


Celeste Nocturne

Withiel House Sculpture Installation

I have just returned from installing two pieces at Withiel House in Cornwall, just in time for the Inaugural Sculpture Exhibition next weekend. The planting and landscaping is still in progress but the house and garden are already looking absolutely beautiful. I was pleased when these two pieces came out of the kiln, and even more pleased when I placed them on plinths. No that I see them positioned in such a spectacular setting I am filled with pleasure once again. Creativity can sometimes be a hard journey but when it comes to fruition like this it has all been worthwhile.


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‘Own Cult: Icons from Wonderland’ during Cutlog NY 2014

TURF is presenting Own Cult: Icons of Wonderland during Cutlog NY 2014. This show draws on the works of three emerging artists: Nathalie Mba-Bikoro, Elena Cecchinato, Leah Gordon and, Vodou flag maker Antoine Oleyant. It explores the role of icons and cult figures in creating a new visual language on human identity. The digital age, its endless flow of information, makes it difficult for us to peel fact from fiction and the past from the future. However, it does nurture our ability to tap into the subconscious, where a plethora of non-linear narratives exist. This has the potential to shape how we experience the world. Ultimately, this show reiterates what artist Elena Cecchinato calls ‘Own Cult’. It eschews distinction, time and place, illustrating instead, how our lives are hybridized and governed by us. Our existence is constantly fraught with collision, chaos and change. Therein lies the beauty of Africana and its place in culture and society today: its cults and icons are an embodiment of the agile human spirit. Those tell their own heroic fairytales of hope amidst adversity.


Antoine Oleyant 'La Sirene' (c1980)

Antoine Oleyant
‘La Sirene’

Elena Cecchinato 'GodEvolution' 2010

Elena Cecchinato

Leah Gordon 'Bounda pa Bounda: a drag Zaka' 2008

Leah Gordon
‘Bounda pa Bounda: a drag Zaka’

Nathalie Mba Bikoro 'To the Sky' 2014

Nathalie Mba Bikoro
‘To the Sky’

TURF is  winner of the Discovery Prize during Cutlog NY 2013. TURF is a site-specific curatorial project from New York City that was created in 2013. It appropriates the arbitrary notion of Africana in the digital age, exploring how far the constant flow of people, goods and artistic practice across porous borders has been shaping human identity. TURF challenges some of the myths surrounding our sense of belonging and alterity. Through a range of emerging artistic ideas and media, TURF encourages a more candid visual dialogue on the ebbs and flows of Africana today.

For more information:  http://turfproject.com