Doddington Hall

I delivered two pieces to the sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall on Monday. I forgot to take a decent camera but the phone pictures I took give an idea of the space.

IMG_0598 IMG_0601

Sculpture at Doddington Hall and Gardens returns again this year after a very successful inaugural exhibition in 2012. Bigger and better, this year’s event will include both indoor and outdoor sculptures, including some unique installations by Kathy Dalwood in the Great Hall and an intricate paper diorama that  comes to life with projected animation, music and sound effects by Davy & Kristin McGuire.

The sculpture extravaganza will run for five weeks from August 2nd to September 7th and will include over 300 pieces from 70 respected national and international sculptors.

David Waghorne of Sculpture Events has curated the exhibition which  includes a wide range of work and styles, classic and modern, with pieces in wood, marble, stone, water, bronze, ceramic and glass and even rubber. New this year will be ‘hortisculpture’, Grecian warriors, water pieces and inflatable work using rubber. An installation creating an outdoor ‘bedroom’ is also planned in the Wild Garden.

The pieces have  been carefully sited to complement the Elizabethan Gardens and there will be two inspirational themed trails to follow.


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