About Studio-Sixteen

studio 16

Studio 16 is a studio space for artists, designers, and crafts people. It now has 8 permanent artists. We also offer temporary or part time access to people who wish to make use of our extensive ceramic facilities.

Studio 16 is more than just a space for artists, it is a focal point for creative activity and learning. An opportunity for artists to meet, discuss ideas, and find ways to advance or develop their own practice.

The studio space is newly established so we are still developing the space but once we are settled we will also provide education and learning opportunities. There will be beginners classes, intermediate classes and master classes presented by leading artists.

In addition to all of this the resident artists will actively be seeking collaborative projects, and will be promoting the studio as a source of help for others who would like to make use of the facilities and skills in the studio. Hopefully this will lead to some very exciting collaborations.

There is a already a broad range of talent and knowledge amongst the resident artists, with expertise in Industrial Design, Furniture Making, Sculpture, Manufacturing, Architectural Ceramics, Applied Arts and Fine Art.

Whatever your need or even if you are just interested in what we are up to, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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